The design for our product The Nappy Pocket has been around for a very long time. We had the strong desire to create a new version that suits today's world.

My mother inspired me with the stories of the diaper bag she used when she became a mom. She went on to create her own version of it for her children so that they could use it in the rooms of their little ones.

Think about how many times a day, for several years to come, you will be reaching for a diaper. The design of The Nappy Pocket guarantees safety by giving you a free hand to effortlessly grab one while holding your baby in your other arm because it has been designed to be hung on a hook or door near the changing table.

The Nappy Pocket creates a great storage place to keep your child’s room organized and attractive. On average, three standard packs of diapers (of any size) can be placed in The Nappy Pocket. Besides it is a lot safer to hang The Nappy Pocket next to your changing table, freeing up space in your child’s closet to store other items.

Making life easier for parents with babies and young children is what we would like to achieve with our products aside from them being a beautiful addition to the room of your little ones. Each item is handmade, unique and made in The Netherlands. 

PARJOUR translates to ''each day''. It’s your PARenthood JOURney. Everyone’s path is different and beautiful in its own way. The Nappy Pocket makes those first years that much easier. ​

Inspired by my mom’s hand-made Nappy Pockets,​

PARJOUR was born.


Ruth Helmonds